About Us

Youth Football Builds Future Athletes and Community

Our primary mission is to build community and character through youth football in a safe environment. Our program begins with flag football and progresses to modified tackle and then on to 11 on 11. Our goal is to build young men into great student athletes. Our job is to work with these young athletes and ensure they understand the fundamentals of the game while at the same time having fun and building life long friendships.  


We supply our players with the best equipment for the youth game.

We encourage families to be involved

Our coaches are open to feedback and want to ensure our parents are engaged. 

Community Building

Our program supports the overall Revere Football Program. We encourage them to see our High School team play under the lights each Friday night. We have a special section just for our players.

Safety is not an accident. We focus on key best practices that ensure our athletes are skilled in the fundamentals of the game.